The Allegiant Folding Table



The Allegiant Folding Table


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How do you get into DJ Khaled’s entourage? What’s the KEY to getting into a circle that breathes creativity, mogulship, and innovation? The secret is allegiance; loyalty. A serving tray, however inanimate, needs to have the trait of allegiance to be granted into the Kingdom of Khaled, so he designed one gilded in gold with iconic, sleek and slender lines. Enter The Allegiant Folding Tray; loyal, and omnipresent in the home. Whether a temporary home for your evening dry martini or a permanent fixture for decorative items like candles or flowers, this serving tray is the ideal accent to any bar, kitchen, or living space.





Folding Table
L 22.83″ x W 14.96″ x H 25.2″


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