The Pride Nightstand



The Pride Nightstand


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THE PRIDE. It’s what we refer to a family of lions as, and it’s a relationship built on trust, loyalty, and fierce competition in the wild. When a pride sticks together, a group of lions transform from wild warriors to refined royalty; kings and queens of the jungle. THE PRIDE collection is one of our most stately, most iconic collections and is highlighted by an abundance of soft, warm gold tones accented by lion ornaments and drawer knobs, for one of the most impressive displays in interior bedroom design. Tufted in gold leather, THE PRIDE Bed is accented by slick black lines and diamond-point corner embellishments. Paired with THE PRIDE Dresser, Nightstand and Chest, this collection is sure to redefine what it means to bring luxury into the bedroom.








L 31″ x W 18″ x H 29″



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